Sell - Exchange

We much prefer your watches to your money!

Please do not hesitate to propose your timepieces to us, as an exchange or as a pure and simple sale. Send us an email with a few photos and we will send you a firm offer within 24 hours.

We always try to close our deals and generally we pay a better price than others due to our business model “small profit margin – large volume”.


Repairs - Restorations - Appraisals

Antoine Rauis - Collection'Heure

We can also maintain, repair, restore, polish, clean or make an appraisal of your watch (we do this, notably, for insurance companies), whether the watch comes from our store or not, for a price well below the manufacturer's price and in a much shorter time.

En deux étapes rapides, envoyez-nous vos coordonnées, le descriptif de votre montre et quelques photos. Nous pourrons ainsi vous recontacter en connaissance de cause.

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